daily dose

First Christian Church leaders are looking into ways to help you manage the continuous changes to your life. You will find postings or activities that offer a break during your week.  

Mondays: Cooking with Jenny - Once a month, on Mondays, we will share a cooking tutorial from Jenny Riddle. Recipes will be made available ahead of time so you can follow along if you would like to make the meal for your Monday dinner!

Wednesdays: Book Study with Reverend Beth - If you aren't able to join the weekly book study via zoom but would still like to participate, we are sharing a recording of the zoom session which you can find here. 

Fridays: Bible Study with Reverend Bill - Each Friday during the Lenten season, Reverend Bill is hosting a Bible Study in person and via zoom. If you can't make it but would like to watch, a recording of the zoom session will be uploaded here.